How Do You Listen to Music?

Spotify Home Page

Once again, it's been tough to get posts up as often as I like. But, I'm not going to beat myself up too badly. After all, this is for fun and learning, right? As I sit here typing this, I'm bumping to some great dance anthems of the past two decades. I generally listen to all types of music but these are the tunes of the hour. Personally, I've changed my sources of music often over the past … [Read more...]

That Feel-Good Efficiency and 3 Observations

Ragin Cajun - I finally tried jambalaya, which was excellent!

Howdy! For those of you who visit the blog regularly, I apologize for the scarcity of new posts over the last couple of weeks. Fortunately or unfortunately, I had to travel down to Houston, TX for work and finding the time to post was next to impossible. But...I'm back on track starting today. Becoming more efficient is a habit that I've become really interested in over the last few months. … [Read more...]

4 Simple Frugality Tips for Air Travel

No more than 3.4 oz for carry on

Having been in the "travel for work" game for almost two and half years now, I understand how easy it is to have small costs add up quickly! To defend against being the next sucker, we need to build out frugality travel skills. Travel can easily become a loser's game if you aren't prepared for the many ways your money can sneak out of your pocket! Below, I'm listing 4 simple tips that can save … [Read more...]

The Day I Got Scammed in a Walmart Parking Lot

I will never look at one of these the same...

I will never look at one of these the same...Today, I'm want to share an embarrassing story. To do so, I must unlock the vault in the back of my mind to which I've filed this shameful experience. It was cool and cloudy September day in 2009 when I was still attending college as an ambitious Junior. One of my best friends and I had just finished classes for the day in the early afternoon and needed … [Read more...]